We help you define your future as media continues to collide with capital markets

A fund raises $800m using Instagram.

A Nasdaq company sees a sudden $1 billion in trading volume flood into the market in two-weeks because a digital publisher recommended it to its readers.

Startups fill their rounds because small media sites feature their raise.

Digital media & marketing are determining the success or failure of fintech platforms focused on cap raise.

These are just tiny tremors foreshadowing media’s rising dominance of capital markets activities.

The shift to a media first finance environment is starting.

Pendry Cannon helps clients stay on the front edge of the media transformation of capital markets – the case studies, the people, the emerging trends.


Bridging digital capital networks

Digital audience is global, capital markets are local. Established business networks usually don't know other valuable networks exist. As lifelong organizers in the center of multiple digital financial ecosystems we bridge these gaps to create

Unlocking relationships & new opportunity

We put you at the center of the media first finance conversations.

Our bespoke roundtables, social events, analyst meetings, and conferences put you in the center of the media first finance transformation.

We tailor each meeting to deliver valuable insights & connections: scalable retail investor distribution, financial services business development, investor connections, and more. 

John Newtson


John founded Pendry Cannon as a strategic consulting firm bridging the gaps between the growing digital financial publishing & media ecosystem serving tens of millions of individual investors looking for investment opportunities with other entrepreneurial and capital networks.

Pendry Cannon’s Cannon Network is the first & only platform for public & private company management teams to present their company or capital raise to the digital financial publishing and influencer industry in an open and transparent way.

As an entrepreneur John co-founded the Financial Marketing Summit, a conference company serving the digital financial publishing & media industries in the U.S. & Europe; co-founded Revenue Tree, a dedicated financial & fintech focused affiliate marketing platform with integrated A.I compliance tech, best-in-class campaign tracking, and unique access to an affiliate marketing network that’s driven over $5.2 billion in online sales within various consumer finance sectors. His experience with startups also includes time as CMO of a bootstrapped trader education company that grew from $0 to $10m in sales in 24 months under his guidance and launching a bootstrapped digital media agency that went from $0 to $3.2 million in revenue in its first 90-days.

He’s also founder of the FinPub Accelerator, the first and only accelerator program dedicated to founders in the financial publishing & trader education industry.

John’s experience working and building digital investor ecosystems includes time as Head of Publishing for RealVision, a next gen digital financial media company. Head of Business Development for Angels & Entrepreneurs, a digital angel network consisting of over 70,000 angel investors. As well as strategic consulting clients like Financial Media Corp, one of the largest financial vertical email advertising networks and a wide variety of financial focused media and digital publishing companies.




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