“A single publisher could get up to 6X more daily email opens then CNBC gets in total daily viewers.

“The Cannon Network is where you can get your company story in front of dozens of publishers at once.”

25% of the investor base for one Nasdaq small cap came from newsletter mentions.

One NASDAQ listed small cap attracted 25% of their entire investor base after being featured in just two newsletters.

They were featured after attending one of our Cannon Network’s private events connecting the public companies with dozens of investment newsletter teams.

Six months later they surveyed their investors base and found
25% of their investors came to them from those two
newsletters mentions.

That’s the power of investment newsletters to engage investors around your company.

The Cannon Network connects capital market executives with the financial publishers who speak to millions of retail investors daily.

The Cannon Network is a private membership connecting executives looking to acquire more shareholders directly with capital influencers.

Starting with the investment newsletter industry.

The newsletter world aggregates millions of retail investors into subscriptions featuring investment ideas. Companies featured in them have seen dramatic changes in their market caps, those raising private capital have managed to raise north of $70 million in some cases directly from newsletter subscribers.

Members of the Cannon Network get both a digital channel and
face to face networking channel to present their company to the people writing those investment stories.

Cannon Network events attract dozens of publishers who bring editorial staff to come meet one-on-one with company executives.

They also connect with the upstream media sources where the newsletter and investor education companies source their clients. 

Our network includes principals and C-level executives from investment banks, public companies, financial publishers, financial media networks, private equity firms, and venture capital firms.



John Newtson, Founder of Pendry Cannon, is a super connector across financial sectors. 

He’s helped organize private events for the cash world where the aggregate AUM in the room is in the literal trillions.

Some of his former roles include head of deal flow for the largest private market investment publisher, Angels & Entrepreneurs. As well as Publisher at Real Vision, and Director of Business Development for Money Map Press.

He’s consulted with veteran $60+ billion fund managers, veterans of Bridgewater, Bear Stearns, the former co-head of a group at Goldman Sachs, all around how to use publishing and digital marketing to attract and engage investors at scale.

John also co-founded the Financial Marketing Summit, the #1 marketing & networking conference for the financial publishing and media industry. And launched the Finpub Accelerator, the only business accelerator focused on the investment publishing industry. 

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