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Investment newsletter editors are becoming a major force across global capital markets.

There is an important story behind a special private networking event September 23rd at the Sagamore Pendry in Baltimore, Maryland.

This dinner with S.B. who sold ten companies for over $12 billion changed my thinking about financial publishing

From John Newtson
Fairfax, VA

John, you’ll all get a lot richer thinking like Goldman Sachs, than you will thinking like a publisher.”

I was squeezed into a booth hip to hip with S.B., a billionaire merchant banker who’d funded, built, and sold a dozen companies.

He liked to brag the combined sales total for his exits was over $12 billion.

We were three or four bottles of Burgundy into dinner at Sumosan in Knightsbridge, London.

I‘d just wrapped up our Financial Marketing Summit conference in London.

I got a message from S.B. “Jet just landed. Want to grab dinner?”

I grabbed a few publishing colleagues and we headed out.

By the third bottle of burgundy, we were in good spirits.

That’s when this guy master-practioner of capital markets strategy leaned over and whispered that line about Goldman vs. Publishers.

John, you’ll all get a lot richer thinking like Goldman Sachs, than you will thinking like a publisher.”

My first thought was, “Is this what passes for whispering sweet nothings in you ear among billionaires?”

But he was dead serious, “You’re in the middle of one of the greatest trends to ever hit cap raise.

The crazy part? 

He wasn’t the first (or last) billionaire to say something similar to me these past few years.

What did he mean by that line, “think more like Goldman Sachs”?

Be more like an investment bank? Turn into one of those shady penny stock promoters?



What he meant was the capital markets are changing – on a lot of levels - and publishers' influence is on the rise.

Retail investors are now the largest owners of U.S. equities.

They own 35% of the stock market – the largest piece in history.

Retail traders account for between 20%-25% of daily volume.

Forty-two million U.S. households have TAXABLE investing accounts.

And 12.6 million Americans – that’s 1 in 10 of those investors – is an accredited investor.

Just those 12.6 million U.S. households control a staggering $73.3 TRILLION of capital. 

In short: Retail Investors MATTER. More than ever.

And financial publishing, as an industry, has aggregated the most active retail investors at scale online.

Direct listings, the SPAC boom, crowdfunding, Reg A raises – all of these require a larger focus on PR & marketing the capital raise online.

That’s important.

This is happening at a time when traditional capital markets & financial services business models are being massively disrupted.

Ten to fifteen years ago there over 10,000 broker dealers in the U.S.

Today it’s 3,400.

And some of my friends who are founders of BD’s  believe that number will shrink to 500 over the coming decade.

The underlying infrastucture of financial services is being disrupted on almost every level right now.

I've built a reputation as a Strategic Development "fixer" in some sectors of financial services. Like when I helped pull this meeting together of institutional bond desks & treasurers for a boutique investment bank. We had the Pres. of the Nasdaq Futures Exchange speaking and about $6 trillion AUM in the room.

My keynote at FMS explains the rise of the retail investor & the new forces impacting financial publishing.

My name is John Newtson, most people in the industry know me as co-founder of The Financial Marketing Summit, the #1 marketing & networking event for the financial publishing, trader education, and financial media industries.

I founded Pendry Cannon, our unique capital network development company, while sitting in the Cannon Room bar at the Sagamore Pendry hotel after an evening with a couple of guys worth around $600 million.

They were hoping to connect their capital network into the financial publishing industry and came to me for insight. The week before that I was walking the streets of New York City with a Bear Stearns veteran who was explaining to me why my event ecosystems (I co-host custom events with boutique investment banks, private equity firms, and other groups to help them generate deal flow, close deals, and do more business) was vastly more powerful than the actual groups I was dealing with.

Why? Because I was interconnected among so many different capital networks, founders networks, and media networks from NYC, to London, to the Caymans, to Shanghai, to Frankfurt… AND because my clients included major industry news & media groups like OilPrice, RealVision, and the entirety of the financial publishing space through FMS.

I didn’t fully grasp this until about two years ago. I’d just left a meeting with the management team of boutique investment bank on Waters Street. I’d brought J.Z., the former Bear bankers turned elite trader with me to give me his perspective on the conversation.  

A Nasdaq exec joined us and at one point he mentioned the President of his division by name. That’s when J.Z. spoke up, “Tell him I said hi. He used to clerk for me.” 

After the meeting he and I walked down Wall Street and he told me. “You don’t need them. They need you. They are in a dying business and you represent the future. You have all the influence. “

He’d seen all the behind scenes stuff I do. FMS is public but most of my events are private, non-marketed, and off the radar. “You’re world-class and maybe one of ten people in the world who really understand how to maneuver and connect capital ecosystems at scale.”

I’d never thought of what Jami and I did in that way. 

We've positioned Content & Capital as the press event for the the rest of the financial & business world to connect with financial publishers.

Historically newsletter editors haven’t gotten much notice from the rest of the financial world.

When it did get noticed the industry’s aggresive copy approach turned the mainstream financial world off.

That’s changed.

The Wall Street Bets Reddit drama, the fact most venture rounds can be funded with a crowdfunding or Reg A raise, and the reality retail investors account for 20%-25% of daily market volume has created a new reality.

Anyone with large, digital retail investor distribution matters.

What’s more, because the financial publishing world has qualified their lists to be actual investors (not just readers like many of the mainstream publications) everyone wants to talk to us.

The reality is the financial publishing world should be a stop on every roadshow. Especially for small cap companies and founders raising from CF or Reg or a direct listing.

Content & Capital is designed to become that part of the non-deal roadshow world.

We want to funnel Founders, CEOs, investment bankers, private equity firms, SPAC sponsors, and others into conversation with financial publishers.

John Schulmam founded Juggernaut Partners, a private equity frim with over $1 billion AUM. Here he is at one of our earl "test events" for Content & Capital sharing details of his latest pharmaceutical deal.
Three investment bankers at one of our Content & Capital "test events". One of them was one of the top dealmakers at a $70+ billion AUM investment bank.

Content & Capital is part of the Cannon Network, a global capital market network.

Content & Capital is our newest event series.

It’s part of our Cannon Network, a private global B2B executive network designed to connect global capital ecosystems and help put financial publishing & media companies at the center of capital markets conversations.

I want to take our industry from outsiders looking in to getting right in the middle of the conversations at the heart of some of the biggest trends happening right now. On a business level.

Our goal is to put you in conversation with major stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and CEOS from all over.

  1. The Cannon Network gives you a centralized Expert Network the financial publishing world can connect to. The institutional investment world has access to deep & broad expert networks throughout the sectors they invest in. Publishers don’t. Until Now. Our Cannon Network is able to open doors all over the world across sectors for you and your team.
  2. The Cannon Network open conversations around big ideas and big trends in the markets with major players from other financial ecosystems.

    Like, the sovereign wealth world,  founders & private equity firms, bankers, lawyers who work in specific sectors like fintech, biotech, crypto, mining, psychedelics, artificial intelligence, Iot, and more.

  3. The Cannon Network creates a central place for editorial teams to connect with management teams from public & private companies they may want to write about.

    We can connect you with sources of new ideas and investments in different regions of the world, like Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. 

Come connect with world-class experts, founders, and financial industry super connectors.

At Content & Capital we want to bring some of that flavor into the room in Baltimore for you to see first hand. 

The Cannon Network is free to financial publishers by the way. Why? Simple. I’m building out this global investor capital network. I’m not interested in charging publishers a few bucks on it. I’m interested in bigger fish.

We start the day at Content & Capital with a handful of panel discussions. We bring some heavy hitters in to give a brief overview of their worldview then begin an open discussion.

Then, we break out into 1-on-1 meetings and conversations. We’ll have several dozens CEOs, Founders, and management teams from across sectors.

Capital markets. PropTech. Fintech. Blockchain. Iot. Mining. Artificial Intelligence. Macro trends and more.

Tectonic shifts in capital markets.

With Vince Molinari, founder of Fintech.TV, actually helped write the JOBS ACT responsible for the transformation of capital raise in private markets.

Vince Molinari, founder of, and a global capital markets "super connector".

I’ve asked Vince to come speak with all of us about what he calls “tectonic shifts” in global capital markets.

His  experience in financial services & understanding of global capital raise infrastructure is world class.

Not only has he built and exited a brokerage business.

He’s a super connector across major global financials centers. 

Vince is partnered with the NYSE, Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, and nearly a dozen more. 

Vince also partnered with the United Nations to create SSE TV as the center of conversation around the Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative, which boasts a membership of 106 global stock exchanges. 

His Fintech.Tv is at the center of today’s biggest capital market’s conversations.

Decentralized Finance, blockchain, sustainability, impact investing, digital assets – if it matters, Vince is talking about it. He reaches 850 million households worldwide. His audience is split between top decision makers across financial & business ecosystems and the young disruptive founders creating the next wave of innovation. 

His network of growth investors and tech builders deploy billions of dollars advancing innovative and sustainable products in the finance and tech industries.

FINTECH.TV is a global media platform bringing you the latest in finance, blockchain, technology, sustainability, impact investing, SDGs, and ESG, with a studio presence at leading international exchanges including the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the London Stock Exchange, as well as distribution on Bloomberg Television, CNBC Africa and CNBC Arabia.

If you want to talk to someone who really understands what’s happening in financial services worldwide Vince should be your #1 source. Come meet and network with him on September 23rd. 

"Mr. X Marks the Spot: How Xi Jinping is Reshaping China, and What It Means for All of Us"

About Bob:  Bob Guterma is SupChina’s COO. He previously lived and worked in China for nearly 10 years, during which time he led complex due diligence and problem-solving investigations for global private equity and hedge funds and Fortune 500 clients. He did this work during his 6 years with the London-based specialist consultancy Control Risks and 4 years with the largest expert network and primary research provider in China, Capvision Partners. His work with Capvision eventually led him to move to Berlin to support Capvision’s Chinese clients’ move to invest more in Europe and the U.S. After leaving Capvision, he returned to the States where he ran his own M&A and corporate transformation consultancy for four years before joining SupChina in 2019. He is fluent in Chinese and Spanish and conversational in German and graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in economics.


Xi Jinping is a leader the likes of which China has never seen. People often say “not seen since Mao,” but the truth is that the efficiency and effectiveness Xi has demonstrated pails in comparison to Mao’s shamanistic and usually disastrous decision making. Not to mention Xi presides over the #2 military and economic superpower in the world, whereas Mao presided over 1 billion subsistence farmers.

What has Xi done during his time in office, and what does the future hold? In many ways he has plotted a new course compared to any Chinese leader in recent memory, and in other ways he is just doubling down on the policies, and indeed the DNA, that has always defined the Chinese Communist Party — with the only ‘new thing’ being the lack of (formerly consistent and compelling) pretense about just what the CCP is and what it will do.

And what does it mean for you? It will mean everything. At the very least, Mr. X and his China will determine global economic, environmental, and security conditions. Yet there have been moments in the past 2-3 years that the CCP has increasing sway over what movies get made in Hollywood, how software companies in the U.S. regulate speech and behavior, and it is not hard to imagine how China could soon even influence where people from various countries are able to travel freely. 

But it is not all doom and gloom. China also has countless reasons to maintain some semblance of the global status quo, and it is far from a foregone conclusion that China actually wins the global race for economic, militaristic, and societal good will strength. More importantly, China and the world have reached lower lows not too far in the distant past (i.e. Tiananmen Square in 1989) and bounced back just fine. 

So, what is the prognosis? What are the conditions required for an improvement in China-world relations and an avoidance of the worse end of the range of possible outcomes? And if the “good” end of the range isn’t available to us, how do we think about and plan for the “bad” outcomes?

In any case, China warrants an outsized amount of attention and thought from anyone who wants or needs to understand the modern world — from the environment to capital markets, from pop culture to human rights. Don’t get caught flat footed without a real, genuine, and personal perspective on China.

About SupChina: SupChina is a New York-based, China-focused news, information, and business services platform. We educate, inform, and connect a global audience of decision makers in business, finance, government, and academia on the politics, business, technology, society, culture, and trends of China — a country whose rise is reshaping the modern world.

Max Baucus, Former U.S. Ambassador to China calls SupChina, “A jewel in the crown of China reporting. I look to it daily… It adds so much insight into the real China.”


These megatrends could move up to $5 trillion per year for the next ten years.

Dr. Indranil Ghosh, former head of strategy for Mubadala, the $243+ billion Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund, discusses the megatrends that could move up $5 trillion per year for the next 10-years.

Dr. Indranil Ghosh, founder of Tiger Hill Capital. Bridgewater Alumni, McKinsey & Co. Alumni, and former head of Strategy for Mubadala, Abu Dhabi's Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Indranil has what you might call, “A bit of experience in financial markets”.

He raised capital for Ray Dahlio’s Bridgewater.

He’s both an M.I.T. trained scientist and a veteran of McKinsey & Co.

And he was head of strategy for one of the largest sovereign wealth & development funds in the world.

His recent book, Powering Prosperity, has won multiple international book Awards.

He and I have spent many hours on the phone and in person discussing how financial publishing intersects with financial services.

At one point he was talking to me about getting me on the phone with the Saudi Arabian FDI agency to talk investor development strategy.

Right now he is in the middle of raising two separate billion-dollar+ funds. As a favor, he’s taking a break to fly over from London specifically to join us at Content  & Capital to speak.

He’s going to outline the megatrends & investment themes the sovereign wealth and pension fund worlds are focusing on over the next decade. 

You’ll get his view on these themes & trends, the catalysts he sees in them, and even specific investment opportunities tied to each one.

I asked him to specifically identify the earliest points in the capital markets process around these trends where retail investors, like your readers, can participate.

Then meet 1-on-1 with dozens of Founders & CEOs of companies from a variety of sectors.

After the big ideas & open conversations we move into 1-on-1 networking and meetings.

We’ve invited several dozen Founders, CEOs, and management teams of both public & private companies to come network with newsletter editorial teams.

If you & your team would like to attend please RSVP so we can reserve a table for you. Again, editorial teams are hosted at no-cost.

Our goal is to open relationships & conversations for the entire financial publishing industry to engage with different financial and business ecosystems.

As capital markets & financial services continues to intersect with digital financial media & financial publishing Content & Capital is designed to steer the opportunities into our industry.

While you will meet more new companies you might be interested in covering for you readers that is not the biggest benefit.

One publisher of one of the biggest groups in the business once complained to me that most editors in the space weren’t plugged into what’s actually going on in the world anymore.

He felt they lacked the vibrant, active professional networks they need to really help readers stay ahead of the game, to find the best opportunities to recommend, and to bring truly unique ideas to the table.

I started doing test events to solve that problem and those private events have now evolved into Content & Capital.

Since Private Markets continue to dominate more retail investor attention we're connecting you with the people all the deals flow through.

Institutional & individual investors are flocking to private markets.

Like I said, before, over $4 trillion has flowed into private markets over the past year.

More and more retail investors are interested in angel investing, PRE-IPO stocks, crowdfunding, and other private raises.

Helping publishers find private market relationships to secure deal flow for products has become one of most common requests I get at FMS (the #1 request is find me an A-Level media buyer or copywriter).

So, at this Content & Capital we’re bringing in the people who own the companies forming the infrastructure for some of the best private market deals around today.

Meet Rebecca Kacaba, co-Founder & CEO of

DealMaker is an innovative cloud-based platform built for high performance capital raising. DealMaker puts forward-thinking organizations in control to run streamlined, successful capital raises. Our proprietary technology provides the tools to manage all aspects of a great raise, from large-scale marketed offerings to traditional private placements in one centralized platform.

Rebecca Kacaba has been honored as one of Lexpert’s ‘Top 40 Under 40’ in the legal field and was recognized as one of North America’s most innovative lawyers by the Financial Times. She practiced law on Bay Street for over 10 years and was co-chair of the Toronto Venture Technology and Emerging Growth Companies Group at a global law firm while she worked in Canada’s financial district.

Meet James Row, founder of Entoro, the first truly digital investment bank & head of a consortium of transfer agents moving to blockchain.

James C. Row, CFA has over 25 years of experience in various areas of deal structuring and energy finance, including: producer finance, project finance, drilling programs, A&D, securities and risk management. He has originated and arranged funding, debt (senior and mezzanine) and equity on over $10 billion of energy projects.

Meet Etan Butler, Chairman of the Dalmore Group, the leading broker-dealer underwriting Reg A+ capital raises.

Etan has onboarded over 100 companies raising capital online through Reg A+.

He is Chair of Dalmore Group, a FINRA registered national Broker Dealer Investment Bank, founded in 2005.

Along with others on Dalmore’s leadership team, Etan has led the meteoric growth of Dalmore, moving from a standard provision of  a full range of traditional investment banking services, to industry leading specialization in  assisting companies that seek to raise investment capital from individual investors through the SEC’s Regulation D, Regulation A+ and Regulation CF.

Etan has been the face and the voice of Dalmore as it has become one of the most active Broker Dealers in the world for Regulation A+ offerings — having already served as Broker Dealer on more than 100 such offerings – including some of the most successful Regulation A+ offerings in history.

Meet D'arcy Rahming Sr., Founder & CEO of ArawakX, the first Pan Caribbean exchange and crowdfunding platform.

D’Arcy was the original COO of the $5.3 billion BISX. 

Now he’s leading the charge in the democratization of investing throughout the Caribbean.

He’s doing more than just “crowdfunding the Caribbean”.  D’Arcy is building a sophisticated capital markets ecosystem around his platform.

His team has access to unique investment opportunities throughout the Caribbean. Including, the many international companies who domicile in the Bahamas to raise & do business in the United States.

We’ll also have several S.E.C. lawyers from different firms joining us as well. 

Why lawyers? Just like bankers & deal platforms they are hubs for many clients raising capital. 

Many lawyers also offering “business development” services to their clients because they are naturally in a position to connect different people.

They are a potential source of a lot of new connections and relationships.

Some of our format was inspired by, "The Perfect Newsletter Editor", by Brian Hunt, one of the great editorial minds of the industry

Brian Hunt is now publisher at InvestorPlace. Before that spent years as editorial director at Stansberry Research.

The first time I met Brian was at the rooftop bar of the W Hotel in Miami. We were both there to brainstorm strategies for a startup founded by a former co-head of hedge fund sales at Goldman Sachs.

Brian’s sharp. It was clear in minutes why he is one of the great influences on editorial thought and strategy in financial publishing.

About 10 years ago he wrote an article titled, “The Perfect Newsletter Editor” for internal distribution at Stansberry.

He listed a dozen or so elements that make the “perfect newsletter” editor.

I asked Brian permission to share a couple of points he made in that article here with you. He agreed and even updated them based on the further ten years of experience he has leading publishing teams.

The reason I asked to share them is because these are both elements that helped inspire how we structured  the Content & Capital event series.

Brian’s Perfect Newsletter Editor  Lesson #1

Leads off lots of issues and reports with interesting stories. 

A story is typically the best way to start off an issue or report. Stories are how most people like to learn. They are how everyone is entertained. 

The story doesn’t have to be some epic history … it can be the story of a phone call or a conversation. It can be your thoughts on the cocaine business. 

If you’re having trouble coming up with a story for your issue, it’s probably because you haven’t traveled enough, dug deep enough, or read enough.  

The best ones are usually, “I was there, I saw this.” Boots on the ground. 

Or consider this lead sentence from Tom Dyson a while back … 

“The first thing I noticed about Walt James was his yellow eyeballs … ” 

Our goal with Content & Capital is to plug you into broader professional networks. Founders, CEOs, cap markets players. Each contact is your doorway to a broader, more plugged-in professional and expert network.

At Content & Capital you’ll open up more useful professional relationships in 1-day than you could in a two years otherwise.

You’ll find more stories. Get more personal anecdotes to write about. Have more conversations with the players in capital markets and the industries you cover.

The picture is like the start of a joke: A board member of a cannabis company, an investment banker, and a financial publisher walk into a bar...

Brian’s Perfect Newsletter Editor  Lesson #2:

Is “plugged into” his or her particular discipline. 

If an editor is focused on technology, they are frequently traveling to tech conferences and research labs. They are visiting companies and talking with industry experts. They are writing about their personal experiences on these trips.  

The editor acts as the reader’s conduit into the tech world. This goes for natural resources, venture capital, biotech, and any other area of focus. 

Whatever area a franchise is focused on, keep in mind that most of our readers feel like uninformed outsiders. Our job is to make readers feel informed… and “in the know” since they have a connected expert on their side.  

Stay plugged in… give readers the inside scoop… and they will love you forever. 

Personal stories also create new copy & promotional opportunities.

They give your copywriter something unique to talk to about.

Several years ago Porter Stansberry had an amazing backend promotion for his service Gold Briefing,

I don’t know if Porter wrote it or Mike Palmer did, or one of the many top notch copywriters over there.

I do know the promo killed it. It’s perfect case showing the power of personal stories in copy.

The headline and lead is based on a story of a dinner.

Stories matter in newsletters. Being able to demonstrate you’re really plugged into the industries you cover – and into capital markets – matters.

Porter's personal story as his headline:

"I recently returned from a private meeting in Manhattan with one of the most powerful men in the world. Based on this meeting, I believe gold and gold stocks will soon be worth 10-50 times what they are today. If You Missed My Emergency Briefing... Read this presentation immediately." -Porter

If nothing else, Content & Capital is a room full of new stories from new connections.

Delivering Context & Contacts

I put several test events together pre-covid to make sure we could bring some really interesting contacts to meet with publishers.

I think we did a pretty good job during those test events. You can see just a few of the folks we had join us. (Mostly the ones I have good pics of

John founder of a $1 billion+ private equity firm

John Shulman's Juggernaut Capital portfolio includes quite a few assets, including the iconic Voss Water brand. His expertise is in M&A in the upper middle market specifically focused in pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, apparel, outsourced services and other sectors. Here he's discussing middle market public & private opportunities in pharmaceuticals with editorial teams from a major financial publisher.

Dr. Gerald Bailey is the former President of ExxonMobile Saudi Arabia

Gerry is a self-described "old wildcatter" who served as President of ExxonMobile's entity in Saud Arabia. He came to share his deep expertise in the entire oil value chain and came to talk oil tech & opportunities.

Aaron Chan, from Canacord Geniuty, the $75 billion AUM investment bank & financial services group.

Aaron came to network with newsletter publishers and discuss the companies & sectors he saw the greatest opportunity in over the next few years.

Tom Thornton, former hedge fund manager & now advises some of the most famous hedge fund managers alive today.

Tommy's been one of the tops dog on multi-billion dollar books, including one for his neighbor, Paul Tudor Jones. His specific expertise is on market sentiment & is sought after for his ability to follow markets & note divergences & extremes.

John Burba shared his story of rejecting $300 million from Elon Musk

He turned $300 million down when Elon Musk tried to give it to him. Musk had wanted to buy his startup. He said no. He thought it was worth a billion. Then the market shifted. John shared his story of opportunity & regret at our first Cannon Network meeting.

Trevor Fencott, CEO of Fire & Flower, the day after securing $380 million of growth capital

Fire & Flower is a leading, technology-powered, adult-use cannabis retailer with more than 80 corporate-owned stores in its network.

Join us September 23rd, 2021 at the Sagamore Pendry Hotel in Baltimore, MD

Join us in the Main Ballroom at the Sagamore Pendry.

9:30 Am Big ideas & Open Discusions

1:30 pm Structured Networking & introductions. You can sit 1-on-1 with Founders, CEOs, PE firms, investment bankers, speakers, and other financial market & business experts.

Come expand your professional network at Content & Capital

My business partner Jami Stout and I would love to have you join us at Content & Capital on September 23rd at the Sagamore Pendry.

You can ask around the industry.  We stand on our reputation for helping publishers create new business opportunities. We run the Financial Marketing Summit, the #1 networking & marketing conference for the finpub industry.

Our other company RevenueTree, is making publishers a lot of money through affiliate sales. It’s a digital performance marketing technology company with an affiliate marketing network that’s driven 15 billion clicks per year & has executed over $5.7 billion in online transactions.  Our strategic partners include Paysafe, a merchant processor who handles $100 billion annually, primarily owned by Blackstone.  

We also run the Finpub Accelerator, the only business accelerator focused on financial publishing & trader education industries.

After ten years in the middle of the industry everyone on knows we are really trying to help the industry grow. We create new channels of opportunites for the industry.

Content & Capital is the newest platform we’ve put together to create opportunity on the editorial and content side of the industry.

The future of the industry is heading into directions the intersect more and more with different areas of financial services.

Content & Capital is how we’re helping the industry stay on the right side of those intersections.

We founded the Financial Marketing Summit to connect the different sides of the industry who weren’t talking.

Publishers have made hundreds of millions from the introductions and information at FMS.

We’ve also been leading the conversation on how financial publishing fits within the broader world of a retail investor lead market.

Content & Capital puts financial publishers in conversation with the broader financial services world & companies seeing to connect with the individual investor at scale.

We believe financial publishing as an industry are key stakeholders in the future of capital markets dominated by retail investors. 

The Cannon Network Concierge Connects You 365-Days a years.

I’m happy to help expand your network beyond just the event.

Want to expand your network into specific sectors? Or meet the C-Suite of specific companies?

We can help.

Think of the Cannon Network team as your doorway to the broader markets. To expanding you expert network. To putting you in touch with the CEOs of companies you want to talk to.

We thrive on connecting people. At Content & Capital you can  let us know what kind of relationships would be help for you and your team. 

We can open doors that might otherwise be closed for you. 

R.S.V.P. Today