“This exposure and knowledge put us in a position to be successful.

“We’ve taken in $70 million on the Nasdaq and I could not have done that without this industry." - Scot C. Executive Chairman of NASDAQ: WRAP.

The Content & Capital Event Series brings issuers into conversation with financial publishers

We gather dozens of top investment newsletters writers into one room – and let you sit down 1-on-1 with them to tell your company’s story.

Editors and analysts want to find great investments and great stories to share with their subscribers.

Public & private companies love to get featured in newsletters.

But there was never a central place for the two to connect. Until now.

That’s why we created the Content  & Capital Event series. To connect these two groups.

It’s an exclusive benefit for all of our Cannon Network members.

The Format is Focused on 1-on-1 Networking

The show starts before you ever meet in person. We send updated investor decks to all the editors, publishers, and analysts who will be attending so they can get familiar with your company.

The event itself is simple: You get a chance to sit one-on-one with each editorial team to tell your company’s story. 

And to give each editorial team a chance to ask questions about you, the company, the deck, the market, or anything else.

The editors are looking to understand who you are and what you do and whether your company is potentially interesting for their readers. 

Our goal is to help build relationships between financial publishers and the companies they can cover.

That’s why you get dedicated time with each editor so you can open a relationship with a powerful influencer in the retail investors world.

Then we have a networking session over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Content & Capital is about both sides broadening our professional networks.

What kind of financial publishers will you meet?

We focus on bringing as many different types of investment newsletter publishers as possible.

Many anyone who knows the industry would recognize.

We have several large groups with millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions in revenue. 

We also have small, sector specific publication speaking to niche audiences.

At Content & Capital we invite executive publishers and editorial teams to join us. 

So you can meet with the decision makers in the business and on the content decisions.

Why do publishers attend?

First, publishers attend to find new  investment ideas and new companies they might be interested in featuring to their reasons.

Second,  because their editorial staff constantly need to broaden their professional networks in the sectors they cover.

Third, because it gives their editorial teams first-person stories, conversations, and ideas they can write about.

They know the power of stories. And the power of having their editors write about personal experiences vs. covering news.

The Cannon Network opens a wide variety of networking opportunities to the publishers who participate. They editors & analyst teams get 1-on-1 conversations with billionaires, sovereign wealth fund execs, public company CEOs, tech founders, private equity firms, politicians, and financial services executives globally they otherwise would never have.

When & Where

Next Event TBA

Sagamore Pendry
Main Ballroom

1715 Thames Street, 
Baltimore, MD 21231

What is the Cannon Network?

The Cannon Network bridges the gaps between the financial publishing ecosystem, which as aggregated retail investors at scale online, with other business  & capital ecosystems around the globe.

It’s where financial publishers come to get connected throughout the business world & network with the people behind the investment opportunities they cover.

How do I join Cannon Network?

The Cannon Network is a private executive network.

Membership invitations are only extended after an interview with our Managing Partner, John Newtson. 

If you’d like to connect with John to discuss potentially joining the Cannon Network fill out the contact form below.

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