The Reaching

Retail Investors


November 11-12th, 2024


The 1st conference focused on marketing to retail investors.

Retail investors are more powerful than ever. There are also more ways to get your company in front of them than ever before.

At Reaching Retail you’ll see what’s working to engage this powerful class of investors. Where to find them at scale. And how to talk to them in ways that get them to respond.

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Media & marketing targeting retail investors is quickly becoming a core function for all investor relations teams:

"Retail Investors now set the tone, introduce trends...

...while institutions follow their lead." -Institutional Investor

The long bull market in retail investors continues to transform markets.

Institutional Investor reported that in 2021 Retail investors controlled the majority of global capital – 52% of global AUM was in the hands of individuals.

The trend continues gathering steam with retail investors projected to control over 61% of global AUM by 2030.

Dramatically more than institutional assets which were only 31% of global AUM in 2021 & is projected to continue to shrink to 26% by 2030.

This is happening at a time when digital media and marketing tech is able to reach retail with precision and scale. 

Retail Investors pour as much as $1.5 billion a day into the market.

Most of them will never hear about you unless you find ways to actively reach out to them.

We believe media campaigns reaching retail investors will become integral to all investor relations strategies.  

No one can afford to ignore the individual investor anymore.

At Reaching Retail you’ll discover how to reach and engage with this powerful audience.


AMC Theaters (NYSE: AMC) is a sign of the times.

AMC Theaters (NYSE: AMC) with about a $1.54B market cap has over 3 million shareholders – 80% of them are retail investors according to AMC.

Adam Aron, CEO of AMC, said, “These individual investors likely own a majority of our shares…They own AMC. We work for them. I work for them.”

It’s clear: reaching & engaging with retail investors is now a core function for all micro and small-cap management teams.

Every company needs a media plan to reach retail investors.

At Reaching Retail you'll meet everyone you need to get your story in front of millions of retail investors effectively.

Including newsletter publishers, investor relations marketing firms, financial media founders & executives, other issuers who are winning in the retail investor market, and more. 


"How we raised $70 million on the Nasdaq on the back of our retail investor media outreach."

Scot Cohen, Founder & CEO of Wrap technologies, (NASDAQ: WRAP)

Scot Cohen is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WRAP Technologies (NASDAQ: WRAP). Scot Founded WRAP Technologies in 2016, after developing a passion for helping law enforcement and the communities they serve due to years of admiring his brother’s work in public safety.

Scot has served in various capacities for WRAP since the Company’s inception and played an integral role in leading all rounds of WRAP’s financing, totaling $90M.

As the longest standing board member, Scot has led on M&A, capital markets, recruitment both inside and outside the boardroom, government affairs, and is a key driver of the Company’s push into wellness. He has over three decades of experience spanning multiple industries including institutional asset management, wealth management, and capital markets.

Scot founded and served as Principal of the Iroquois Capital Opportunity Fund, a closed-end private equity fund that focused on investments in North American oil and gas.

He also co-founded Iroquois Capital, a New York based hedge fund that managed approximately $300M of assets across its family of funds.

Before Iroquois Capital, Scot founded a merchant bank that actively participated in structured investments in public companies.

Scot is currently active on a number of company boards including Horizon Global and is involved with various charitable ventures, including running his own charitable foundation that focuses on delivering mental health & wellness support, coaching and education to law enforcement and government officials.


Case Studies & insights from managing over $150 million of investor relations advertising spend for micro-caps.

Ty Hoffer, President Wining Media

Winning Media is an industry-leading, 20 year-old digital marketing agency that has now managed over $150 million USD – and counting – worth of marketing budgets.

Digital marketing has proven itself to be the most efficient, cost-effective way to reach retail investors.

Winning Media helps businesses harness the power of digital marketing and deliver targeted messages by using a combination of these channels plus others:

* A proprietary combination of hundreds of display and native ads on Google, Yahoo and numerous other ad networks.

* Custom landing pages designed to highlight your company’s narrative. These pages are some of the highest converting in the industry.

* Custom ticker tag articles released on the wire to massively spread your message along side the big board companies in your sector.

* Leveraging our exclusive influencer network to reach investors and communities across multiple social platform from YouTube to TikTok and more

Simply put, Winning Media and its experiences team has built a very powerful marketing machine that gets results for companies time and time again.



The Shareholder Acquisition System for building a large base of shareholders

“Every client of mine that had a large number of shareholders inherently had organic volume every single day without spending any money. So when you added media  to that, it was amplified.” 

The goal of public companies trying to reach retail investors should be to build a broad base of committed shareholders. 

To do that your team needs a clear and measurable Shareholder Acquisition System.

Bill acts as a Liquidity Coach for companies to leverage media to reach retail investors. He has managed over $100 million of media spend for public companies over his two decades of experience.

He’ll show you the elements of a strong Shareholder Acquisition System, share real life case studies of companies who added as many as 10,000 new shareholders from their media outreach and more.

Panel Discussion:

Stock & Investor Newsletters Uneasy Relationship with the issuers they cover

Brian Hickes, co-founder of Angel Publishing, who publishes over a dozen investment newsletters
Frank Curzio, founder of Curzio Research& Wall Street Unplugged, who produces newsletters and podcasts for the reatil investor.
John Newtson, founder of The Financial Marketing Summit, the conference for investment newsletter publishers
Sean Levine, Managing Director at Entoro, who specializes in helping companies crowdfunding connect with newsletters

The investment newsletter industry is functionally the investment research industry for retail investors.

The largest publishers have north of 15 million readers.

And there is a robust community of publishers with retail investor readership basis in the millions.

Readers often paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to subscribe to these services in order to discover new investment ideas, get analysis, and more.

That dedicated readership of the retail investor demographic makes some issuers think of them as the “holy grail” of media attention.

Especially since newsletters are one of the ONLY sources of analysis on micro and small caps because they very frequently feature smaller companies.

Issuers  & newsletters seem like a match made in heaven. The problem? Different business models, difference business interests, and operating in regulatory environments impacted by the FTC as much as the SEC makes newsletters hesistant to engage in conversation with issuers.

This panel of publishing veternas will highlight how stock newsletter publishers work – or don’t work with issuers.

What they are looking for in companies they will cover. How to approach publishers, speak to them, and increase your chances of getting covered.

Digital marketing strategies to drive Reg A & Crowdfunding Raises

You can think of online capital raise with Reg A or CFs as selling equity with an e-commerce marketing model. Instead of a product the unit of sale is $1,000 or $5,000 of equity.  

We agree.

So we’re bringing in the top e-commerce marketers with experience selling to retail investors: The marketers who have sold billions of dollars of stock newsletter subscriptions.

You’ll discover what works to engage the retail audience around your story.

Meet all the people you need to get your story out to millions of retail investors.

What else will you learn at Reaching Retail?

How to build an effective retail media & marketing strategy: Hear from Investor Relations advertising agencies who’ve managed over $147 million in media spend. What’s possible, what works, how not to waste your budget.

Case studies of successful retail investor media campaigns: Get detailed look at specific campaigns companies used to bring a dramatic increase in their shareholder base.

Next Gen Capital Raise Strategies:  Hear from Etan Butler, Chairmen of Dalmore, with a 20-year history as a Broker-Dealer, Dalmore is hyper-focused on Regulation CF, A+, and D and the value that retail investors can provide issuers. 

Get a clear picture on the retail investor digital media ecosystem. You’ll meet the people who already have the attention of tens of millions of retail investors.

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance. Digital media moves faster than regulatory changes. Not everything possible online is compliant. Our panel of S.E.C. lawyers, broker/dealers, and media founders will help you avoid the pitfalls of regulatory gray areas.

Want to get featured in investment newsletters? Our panel of investment newsletter publishers explains what they look for from issuers wanting to be covered. To many, this is the holy grail of earned media.

And much, more. 

Some of our Speakers & partners

Vince Molinari, CEO & Co-Founder of is global streaming network broadcasting from the floor of the NYSE, the Nasdaq, and other global exchanges. Their shows are also featured on ReachTV’s network of 2,400 airport gates and 750 venues across 90 airports, in addition to 500,000 hotel rooms. 

Frank Curzio, publisher at Curzio Research & the Wall Street Unplugged podcast.

Curzio Research is a premier investment newsletter for higher net worth retail investors.

Brian Hicks, Co-Founder of Angel Publishing.

Angel Publishing has been producing its suite of  investment newsletters for over 30-years.

Ty Hoffer, CEO of Winning Media

Winning Media has managed over $150 million in investor relations media spend.

Matt Warder, founder of Seawolf Research & publisher of The Coal Trader newsletter.

Matt Warder is one of the only analysts to bridge the world of institutional research from his time at Wood Mackenzie & the retail investor research through investment newsletters. 

Scot Cohen, Founder & CEO Wrap Technologies (NASDAQ: WRAP)

Scot Cohen has been one of the most active direct investors in public stocks for decades. 

Lawrence Cohen, Gordon Rees

Lawrence has served as outside counsel to public and private funds, and formed and registered numerous broker-dealers and investment advisers, including the Blackstone Group, advising them and other preeminent investment banks and private fund managers on regulatory and compliance matters. 

Colleen Sheeren, CMO, averages over 33 million views per month with over 2 million retail investors & traders each month. Their suite of solutions for advertisers includes investment newsletter sponsorships, dedicated emails, sponsored content, and display advertising.

Sean Levine, Managing Director, Entoro

Sean Levine is Managing Director and Head of Reg A and Reg CF offerings at Entoro, where he helps his clients navigate the exempt capital raise landscape. More broadly, Levine is an investment banker, attorney, securities analyst, entrepreneur and consultant with a focus on exempt securities offerings & financial publishing/

There are more ways to reach retail today than ever before:

Retail investor Email Channels

Email continues to be king of communication channels to the retail investors. It should be part of every outreach strategy. There are hundreds of emails lists with large retail investor readerships. They can be segmented by sector, by topic, and more.

retail investor Focused Vertical ad Networks

Did you know there are ad networks entirely built around retail investor audience? They are a unique, curated marketing channel few investor relations execs even know exist.

Earned media & PR: Investment newsletters

The largest stock newsletter publisher has over 17 million readers. Stock research newsletters are powerful because readers subscribe specifically to get stocks tips. But not all newsletters are created equal . Discover how to access both the paid advertising side of newsletters AND the vastly more powerful, but more fickle, earned media newsletters.

Social Media advertising

Youtube is the largest search engine in the world. TikTok has 1.5 billion monthly users. Your audience is multi-channel. How do you choose which channels to use and which to ignore? Come to Reaching Retail to find out more. 

Reaching Retail with Display Networks

Display networks from giants like Google & Facebook offer unrivaled scale. There are also many more niche displays networks within the financial industry.

Streaming TV Channels

Learn about ways to access retail investor audience through both finance focused TV channels and other niche channels with ultra high-network audiences.

financial publishing website ads

Discover the high traffic websites read by millions of retail investors each month. These channels offer both broad investor audience and sector specific audiences. 

Content marketing

Does a content marketing strategy make sense for your business goals? Maybe, maybe not. Discover when it’s smart and when it’s a waste of time and resources.

podcast marketing

An estimated 500 million people listed to podcasts regularly. There are a growing number of investment focused podcasts speaking to the investors you want to get in front of.

"Come network with and learn from the masters of building and engaging a retail investor audience."

- John Newtson, Founder of Pendry Cannon

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Who should attend?

  • Investor Relations Officers
  • Public Small & Micro Cap Executives
  • Founders & Executives leveraging Reg A or CF raises
  • Broker Dealers working with issuers targeting retail investors.
  • Investor focused media publishers
  • Investor relations agency executives
  • Online capital raise platform executives
  • ETF & other fund managers targeting retail investors
  • Financial media executives

Media Partners & Sponsors

Fintech.TV's global broadcasting platform for entrepreneurs and investors.

FINTECH.TV is redefining the investment media landscape with a first-of-its-kind on-demand, 24/7 platform devoted to disruptive industries not fully covered by traditional outlets.

FINTECH.TV delivers in-depth coverage of the assets and categories investors are shifting toward – including digital assets, blockchain, impact investing, sustainability, SDGs and ESG.

As consumers continue their shift away from traditional cable television, FINTECH.TV is perfectly positioned for the new reality…offering investors a rare chance to get in on the ground floor of the next potential high-upside media opportunity.

Fintech.TV’s shows are streamed globally across major platofrms as well as a network of 2,400 airport gates and 750 venues across 90 airports, in addition to 500,000 hotel room.


Helping public companies reach investors for over 20-years.

Winning Media has a long and proven history of helping publicly traded companies reach targeted investors – and generate meaningful ROI.

Colleen Sheeren, CMO Barchart

Barchart gets 33 million monthly views from retail traders & investors. averages over 33 million views per month with over 2 million retail investors & traders each month. Their suite of solutions for advertisers includes investment newsletter sponsorships, dedicated emails, sponsored content, and display advertising.

Michael MacDougall, CEO Darwing Investor Network

Darwin Investor Network Media publishes over 18 investment newsletter brands.

Darwin Investor Network specializes in connecting your company with the most targeted traffic available on the web all on a guaranteed Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Cost Per Click (CPC) basis.

Darwin has been a leading source of qualified retail investor traffic for the investment newsletter industry for over a decade.

The Darwin Media Team is proficient in all ad networks and can handle all areas of the paid media buying and campaign management process. 

Come grow your network & knowledge of what works in direct to retail investor marketing.

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Conference Venue Information:

The Betsy Hotel South Beach
1440 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (866) 792-3879

Hotel Discount

We’ve secured a discounted rate for attendees of Reaching Retail. You can book your room here.

Conference Format

Monday, November 11th

7:30 AM Registration Open

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:30 AM General Sessions

12:30 PM Lunch

2:00 PM General Sessions

6:00 PM Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, November 12th

8:00 AM Breakfast

9:30 AM General Sessions

1:00 PM Conference Close


Network with newsletter publishers, investor media founders, investor relations marketing firms, and more

Register for The Reaching Retail Investors Conference today


My name is John Newtson, founder of Pendry Cannon, and host of The Reaching Retail Investors Conference.

I’ve been part of the digital financial publishing industry for 20-years and for the past 10-years I’ve run the Financial Marketing Summit, the #1 marketing & networking conference for the financial publishing industry.

FinPub, as we call it, is the industry of retail-focused investment newsletters and education. Most people recognize names like The Motley Fool, The Agora Companies, and Marketwise but the industry is much broader and more nuanced than those companies alone.

The thing you should know about FinPub is that this is the industry on the cutting edge of how to talk to and engage a retail audience around markets and investment ideas. In many ways it functions as buy-side research specifically for the retail audience and the largest publishers have audiences north of 15+ million.

For the past 5-years I’ve hosted the Cannon Network, a networking ecosystem connecting issuers, broker/dealers, digital cap raise platforms, and investor relations agencies with the investment newsletter world.

Now, we’re bringing together the best marketers and thinkers across these industries around how best to reach and engage retail investors. 


Yes, of course. You can make changes up until the day before thee event.  If you need to change the names on your registration just email john [at] 

We are finalizing the agenda and will post it here as soon as it’s ready. 

Yes, if you need to register a larger group just email john [at] for details.

If you have a question not listed here then email john [at] and we’ll get back to you asap.

Probably. When you’re at the event our team will be there to make introductions and help you get the most out of your time there. Also, you can email john [at] with a list of contacts you’re hoping to make and we will do our best to connect you.

Yes, of course. We understand schedule changes happen. You can get a refund up to the day before the event. Just email john [at] and we’ll take care of you.

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

The first step is to email john [at] to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve with a sponsorship.

"Come meet the masters of building and engaging a retail investor audience.""

- John Newtson, Founder of Pendry Cannon

Register for The Reaching Retail Investors Conference today


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