This is your channel for reaching millions of retail investors at once.

This room is the only place you can potentially tell your company story to 15-million+ investors – in two-hours of networking.

How is that possible?

Every day the investor newsletter industry speaks to millions of retail investors.

A single newsletter publisher may have over three or four million investors subscribed to their digital platform.

They hold one of the most concentrated sources of retail investor attention in the world.

I’ve seen newsletters deliver staggering results for small companies lucky enough to be featured in them.

I can name half a dozen that have raised $3-million… $12-million… $15-million… even close to $30-million for a single private placement.

Another client in the space raised $10-million for their own Series B round simply by emailing their own list.

Another newsletter featured four deals in 12-months and raised something in the neighborhood of $120-million for those lucky companies.

More remarkably: None of those companies paid to be featured.

Not one cent.

Why Not?

Because you cannot pay to be featured in the top investment newsletters. They are fiercely independent.

And only recommend companies to their readership base they feel are great opportunities.

Not just whomever pays them.

That’s why their lists of investors are so engaged. Great investment newsletters add value.

It’s common after an event for a CEO to call me to thank-me because he got covered in a newsletter and it resulted in a large increase in volume in his company’s stock.

Simply because one editor or another looked at their company and felt it was a good match for his readers.

We gather a dozen or two of the top investment newsletters writers into one room – and let you sit down 1-on-1 with them to tell your company’s story.

We divide each event into two parts.

First, you get to sit down one on one with each editor or editorial group.

You have ten-minutes to share your company’s story. Answer their questions.

And get their contact information.

The editors are looking to understand who you are and what you do.

You get dedicated time with each editor and to open a relationship with a powerful influencer in the retail investors world.

This serves as the introduction for each CEO to meet each newsletter editor.

Then we have a networking cocktail party so you can get to know each other better.

Now that you’ve opened the relationship.

Talked about your company.

And met the editors.

It’s time to spend a couple hours over food and drinks to talk more in depth with the most interested editors.

And get to know each other.

Every editor walks away with a copy of your investor deck. And we distribute your decks to our entire contact universe of newsletter editors.

We’ve built a channel for you to reach the investment newsletter world.

We host our events in Baltimore, Maryland because the Baltimore/Washington DC corridor is the center of the investor publishing universe.

But we have editors fly in from all over to join us.

And those who let us know they can’t join us in person will get an email with your investor deck and contact information.

The truth is, they want to meet you. They want to discover the next exciting company.

And they are motivated to reach out.

Quite a few, maybe even most, of the companies who have joined us have been covered in one or more newsletters.

Best of all, it’s free to attend.

That’s right, there is no charge.

Pendry Cannon hosts this event series as a way to service both the public company space and the investment newsletter world.

Why? We’ve built our careers on the idea the best way to do business is to serve the market.

And that’s what Finance Influencer’s is – capitalist networking at its finest.

We know by helping everyone in our industry that opportunities flow to us.

And that the quality of our network is measured by how many people we can introduce to each other so they can do business.

We don’t see business development activities as a zero-sum game.

That’s why you’ll also find small cap & venture fund managers, financial journalists, investor relations executives, and financial marketers all wandering our events.

After our first event one of our attendees made a connection that resulted in a full-page article on their company in the New York Times.

How? Because we’ve created a single space where you can meet every professional you need to tell your company’s story to investors.

Investment bankers, fund managers, journalists, public relations agencies, investor relations execs – all of them come to network and meet you and each other.

With each new event our network of valuable guests increases.