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Smarter Shareholder Acquisition Strategies

The Cannon Letter opens the world of investor distribution channels, strategies, and opportunities.

Lessons from $147-million in shareholder acquisition media spend.

Ty Hoffer, CEO of Winning Media, has been helping public companies effectively reach more investors for over 17-years.

There is no faster – or more economical – way to build interest among retail investors than by using digital marketing.

Winning Media has a long and proven history of helping publicly traded companies reach targeted investors – and generate meaningful ROI.

How to get your company featured in investment newsletters.

Many investment newsletters have more active daily readers and than CNBC has daily viewers.

The financial publishing world has aggregated the do-it-yourself retail investor at scale.

When they feature a public company it can often have a meaningful impact in the market.

The problem? The best newsletters DO NOT accept advertising.

They are an earned media source. They have to want to tell your story to your readers.

Pendry Cannon is the only host of in-person networking events for pubcos to meet with newsletter editors.

John Newtson, Pendry Cannon CEO, explains what the newsletter landscape looks like. 

How you can navigate it effectively to get your company featured in different newsletters.

And more.

How to use LinkedIn to reach professional investors, journalists, and other influencers.

Seth Farbman, CEO of VStock Transfer, explains how to use LinkedIn to reach professional investors.

Seth has over 800 issuers as clients. He’s built companies. Exited companies. And is one of the best networkers in the industry.

He’s also a “LinkedIn enthusiast” who has grown increasingly passionate about it’s power to help CEOs get their company’s story out.

In this conversation you’ll hear why and how Seth helps clients leverage LinkedIn to tell their company story to professional investors, family offices, and more.

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The intersection of investor search trends & retail market support

Matt Warder, of SeaWolf Research, applies the rigor that made a him a top analyst at Wood Mackenzie, to tracking digital investor trends.

How search trends predict retail investor attention

Digital marketing & public relations is the art and science of attention arbitrage.

You’re trying to meet investors where there attention is – both in the channels they are in and the stories they are searching for.

Matt Warder, of SeaWolf Research,  shares his quarterly tracking of search trends and integrates into the broader economic data to show you where the attention (and capital) is moving to.

We then discuss how to adjust you’re messaging to leverage that attention to tell your story more effectively. 


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