Welcome to the Cannon Letter!.

Coming in the Cannon Letter

You’ll Meet The Dealmakers

I’ll bring you deal makers from the private equity, investment banking, retail banking, wealth managements, media, publishing, venture capital worlds and more.

We’ll talk about specific deals they are working on, assets they have to leverage, potential partnerships.

And where they see the biggest unexploited opportunities.

You’ll see areas ripe for disruption

We’ll lay out where the rubber meets the road between financial publishing & media and investment banking, venture capital, wealth management, fintech, and more.

And hear how different entrepreneurs are exploring those areas.

You’ll get opportunities to join working groups of entrepreneurs tackling these problems.

Our goal is to DO BUSINESS – not just talk about.

This is NOT about publishing courses or hosting events. 

We’re here to make deals, start companies, and do it with great people with loads of real-world experience. 

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