In my keynote presentation at the Financial Marketing Summit 2021, I start to lay out just some of the bigger trends and opportunities we’re seeing as the finpub industry intersects with broader financial services segments.

Video Table of Contents

2:09 Rise of the Retail Investor

4:00 A generational shift. Millennials, the largest generation in history, is having massive impact on capital markets and they have NOT even entered their prime investing years.

5:04 Explosion of the subscription industry.

12:04 How and why we merged the trader education & investment newsletter industries.

14:30 How did it play out? The 1st prediction I made in the first presentation at the first FMS back in 2015 & the industry changes we’ve seen since then.

17:54 The industries merging with financial publishing will create 1000X opportunities.

18:30 What is the financial publishing industry’s highest value skill?

19:15 A $500 million AUM “side hustle”.

20:37 What is your list or traffic worth?

21:14 Share of subscription revenue vs Share of Capital

22:11 Your guru’s role in your customers’ financial life.

23:07 The finpub monetization model.

25:15 The next phase of industry competition.

26:57 The changing face of capital raise

28:42 The role of newsletters in Reg A & CF raises

30:00 Standard Cap Raise Commission Models are under threat.

30:29 Marin Katusa, the innovator of the private placement and his impact on capital raise (Side note: Since recording he’s set yet another record with a $224+ million raise for a carbon streaming company).

32:35 Publishers are building billion-dollar exits for other people’s platforms.

35:37 Venture Capital is starting to compete in the same marketing channels as investment newsletters

36:11 The retail investor’s impact on public market capital raise.

38:56 How capital markets stakeholders view the finpub industry

40:31  The Rise of Institutional influencers & media

41:51 Sovereign wealth funds are guru-following.

43:41 Influencing billions in bitcoin market cap

45:10 Venture Capital Influencers: Building deal flow & raising capital

46:32 All biz dev functions related to capital raise & generating deal flow will leverage media & publishing models.

47:40 Finpub SPACs, Exits, M&A & strategic alliances,

49:00 The largest exits will be on media & publishing models merged with fintech business models.

50:27 The big money is coming to finpub.