Why Newsletters drive over $30 million in Reg A raises

If you’re in the Reg A or CF space than understanding investment newsletters is critical to your success. Why? Because the financial newsletter publishing world is driving some of the biggest Reg A success stories happening today. Newsletters recommending private placements are growing. And the results from some of those recommendations have been staggering. We’ve […]

The legendary “Mr. Wall Street” was a master of opportunity generation

Sidney Weinberg, the legendary “Mr. Wall Street” and former Goldman Sachs CEO, was a great generator of business deals. Walter Sachs once called him “the finest professional director in the country.” Sidney Weinberg started as an assistant to the janitor and worked his way up to become the longest serving senior partner. He actively sought […]

The marriage of financial services & media is transforming capital raise

The process of how companies raise capital is changing. Digital platforms are becoming a force in raising capital. This is a durable trend changing the face of financial services. For example, Kickstarter.com has raised $4.8 billion for a variety of companies. Cadre.com has generated $2.5 billion in commercial real estate transactions. YieldStreet.com returned $100 million […]

Warren Buffett’s brilliant strategy for building proprietary deal flow

“Our favorite holding period is forever.” Warren Buffett Most people don’t realize the impact of that statement by Warren Buffett on a specific type of founder or CEO looking to exit his business. Let alone how that translates into proprietary deal flow for Mr. Buffet. Let’s unpack this and you’ll see what I mean. Warren […]