On the Rise of the Retail Investor

Vince Molinari, founder of Fintech.tv invited me to discuss the power of the independent research industry and investment newsletters to reach retail investors. Do-it-yourself investing is a durable trend caused by a generational shift in how individuals relate to their portfolios and to capital markets. A surprising area where retail investors are having an increasing […]

FMS Keynote: The State of Financial Publishing 2022

John Newtson, Pendry Cannon CEO, delivers an analysis of the financial publishing industry services the self-direct retail investor. He explores how historical market cycles have impacted both the investment newsletter and trader education industries. This impacts have clear knock-on effects in advertising channels. Then he does an over of Michael Porter’s 5 Forces as they […]

Deputy Prime Minister welcomes financial publishers & media to Bahamas

I was thrilled to receive such a warm welcome from the Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas and D’Arcy Rahming, CEO of ArawakX, the first pan-Caribbean securities exchange. It was clear everyone wants to do business with our financial publishers & media groups. ArawakX hosted our most recent Financial Publishing Accelerator members at the luxurious Bahamar […]

Why Ian is on a $100 million acquisition spree in financial publishing & media

They raised $100 million just in 2021 at a $447 million valuation and are backed by the likes of JP Morgan and Cathy Wood’s Ark Invest. Ian Rosen, CEO of Financial Answers, and I spoke at length yesterday about what their view on the digital financial media industry, the critical role of the retail investor, […]

Sustainable Investing: Which trends matter?

Insights from the Cannon Network Video Transcript John Newtson: All right. So, I’d like to get started real quick. We have our next presentation is going to be a conversation is with Dr. Indranil Ghosh, he’s the founder of Tiger Hill Capital. His book, Powering Prosperity is winning international book awards all over the place. […]

What the reshaping of China means for the rest of us.

Insights from the Cannon Network Bob Guterma: All right. Great. Well, I’ve met a lot of you, but I haven’t met all of you. It’s great to be here. My name is Bob Guterma . I’m the chief operating officer of SupChina, Supchina.com. And we’re a news website, a news platform dedicated to China. We’re […]

Partnering with ArawakX to help crowdfund the Caribbean

Pendry Cannon is excited to announce our strategic partnership with ArawakX, the first Pan Caribbean Securities Exchange. ArawakX is leading the charge to crowdfund the Caribbean and to help both Caribbean and international companies raise capital. ArawakX CEO D’Arcy Rahming was an early pioneer in electronic trading systems with Reuters America on their Globex project […]

How finpubs drive liquidity

“How do you get liquidity?” asks Scot, executive chairman of a company listed on the Nasdaq and a very active investor in public companies, “Well, the newsletters provide lots of liquidity for these small companies. Now more than ever.”

5 forces transforming financial publishing

Financial publishing & digital direct response financial marketing are the new retail investor distribution.

As retail investors becoming increasingly important capital market participant the financial publishing industry continues to become a critical component of capital markets value chains