Pendry Cannon founder John Newtson & D’Arcy Rahming Sr. and D’Arcy Rahming Jr. of ArawakX at our recent Content & Capital event in Baltimore, MD

Pendry Cannon is excited to announce our strategic partnership with ArawakX, the first Pan Caribbean Securities Exchange.

ArawakX is leading the charge to crowdfund the Caribbean and to help both Caribbean and international companies raise capital.

ArawakX CEO D’Arcy Rahming was an early pioneer in electronic trading systems with Reuters America on their Globex project – the first global electronic trading system to handle both futures and options.

Mr. Rahming is no stranger to the exchange world. He was the first COO of the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX).

The ArawakX digital platform allows direct investment in equities, in debt securities, and in revenue share opportunities. This gives companies maximum flexibility when raising capital and let’s investors participate in the fuller capital life cycle of a company.

ArawakX provides a virtual introduction platform connecting issuers and investors.

The platform gives investors access to properly vetted US and Caribbean startups across all industries by a robust team of investors, management consultants, financial services executives, and veteran entrepreneurs.

This focus on vetting is critical.  A lot of platforms online today don’t do much vetting beyond checking whether the company’s check cleared. This leaves individual investors with a greater due diligence burden as they try to sort through potential investments.

ArawakX CEO D’Arcy Rahming has over twenty-years of experience as a leading management consultant and has assembled an extensive team of veteran entrepreneurs and analysts to vet the companies listing on their platform.

This quality over quantity approach to listings is one of the things that attracted Pendry Cannon to ArawakX.

Our mission at Pendry Cannon is to connect parts of the global financial ecosystem that currently don’t talk. It’s remarkable in 2021 how disconnected global capital markets continue to be.

Our Cannon Network is an innovative membership network designed to build real cross-border and cross-capital-ecosystem executive and investor relationships.  This partnership with ArawakX expands our network into the Caribbean.

Our investor, venture, and publishing networks are always on the hunt for great companies to invest in. Partnering with ArawakX allows us to uncover new investment opportunities for our network from a region where we currently have little penetration.

ArawakX is the also the first exchange platform in the world to allow transactions in a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the Bahamian Sand Dollar.

The Bahamian Sand Dollar initiative the #1 in the world as ranked by the PwC CBDC Global CBDC Index.

One of the things we’re known for at Pendry Cannon is our high-value, in-person networking events connecting dealmakers across capital ecosystems.

As we plan out our 2022 investor event schedule the Bahamas is featuring prominently in our plans. We plan to connect our investor and publishing networks on-site in one of the most beautiful parts of the Caribbean.  

Pendry Cannon builds & connects digital investors ecosystems with niche investment platforms, regional, and sector-based capital networks, and key capital markets stakeholders around the globe.

Our team has built digital platforms and communities reaching 6+ million individual retail investors. Pendry Cannon has co-hosted private events with in-person audiences responsible for several trillion dollars AUM.

Our Content & Capital event series is the only event network connecting capital market stakes holders with the decision makers of many of the largest digital investor platforms who are each access points for hundreds of billions of investable capital from individual investors.

I’ve been very impressed with how focused the ArawakX team is on closing the wealth gap in the Bahamas using a capital markets vehicle. Financial inclusion is just a slogan to many people. It’s clear from all my conversations with Mr. Rahming and his team that at ArawakX, financial inclusion is cooked into their DNA.

Pendry Cannon is known for our unique focus on connecting and building relationships between the people behind large digital capital & investor networks. As we plan our 2022 event schedule the Bahamas and ArwakX are featuring prominently in our plans.

John Newtson
Managing Director
Pendry Cannon