John Newtson and Morgan Busby, partners in Pendry Cannon, are joined on a panel at the Financial Marketing Summit, by Scot, who is executive chairman of a Nasdaq company listed.

Scot shares his experience and view of the investment newsletter industry as a capital markets participant.

Particularly the increase in liquidity after being featured in an investment newsletter he met at one of our Cannon Network events.

“We’ve taken in $70 million on the Nasdaq and I could not have done that without this industry [Financial publishing]” he says, “This exposure and knowledge put us in a position to be successful”

He also places it in a broader capital markets context based on his past experience founding an investment bank and then a hedge fund focused entirely on direct investment in public companies where he worked with the companies to build liquidity.

In this conversation he discusses how a consequence of newsletter publishing activity is building liquidity for public companies.

“How do you get liquidity? Well, the newsletter industry provides lots of liquidity for these small companies. More so now than ever.”