Why Ian is on a $100 million acquisition spree in financial publishing & media

They raised $100 million just in 2021 at a $447 million valuation and are backed by the likes of JP Morgan and Cathy Wood’s Ark Invest. Ian Rosen, CEO of Financial Answers, and I spoke at length yesterday about what their view on the digital financial media industry, the critical role of the retail investor, […]

Sustainable Investing: Which trends matter?

Insights from the Cannon Network Video Transcript John Newtson: All right. So, I’d like to get started real quick. We have our next presentation is going to be a conversation is with Dr. Indranil Ghosh, he’s the founder of Tiger Hill Capital. His book, Powering Prosperity is winning international book awards all over the place. […]

What the reshaping of China means for the rest of us.

Insights from the Cannon Network Bob Guterma: All right. Great. Well, I’ve met a lot of you, but I haven’t met all of you. It’s great to be here. My name is Bob Guterma . I’m the chief operating officer of SupChina, Supchina.com. And we’re a news website, a news platform dedicated to China. We’re […]