FMS Keynote: The State of Financial Publishing 2022

John Newtson, Pendry Cannon CEO, delivers an analysis of the financial publishing industry services the self-direct retail investor. He explores how historical market cycles have impacted both the investment newsletter and trader education industries. This impacts have clear knock-on effects in advertising channels. Then he does an over of Michael Porter’s 5 Forces as they […]

Deputy Prime Minister welcomes financial publishers & media to Bahamas

I was thrilled to receive such a warm welcome from the Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas and D’Arcy Rahming, CEO of ArawakX, the first pan-Caribbean securities exchange. It was clear everyone wants to do business with our financial publishers & media groups. ArawakX hosted our most recent Financial Publishing Accelerator members at the luxurious Bahamar […]

Why Ian is on a $100 million acquisition spree in financial publishing & media

They raised $100 million just in 2021 at a $447 million valuation and are backed by the likes of JP Morgan and Cathy Wood’s Ark Invest. Ian Rosen, CEO of Financial Answers, and I spoke at length yesterday about what their view on the digital financial media industry, the critical role of the retail investor, […]

What the reshaping of China means for the rest of us.

Insights from the Cannon Network Bob Guterma: All right. Great. Well, I’ve met a lot of you, but I haven’t met all of you. It’s great to be here. My name is Bob Guterma . I’m the chief operating officer of SupChina, And we’re a news website, a news platform dedicated to China. We’re […]

Why Newsletters drive over $30 million in Reg A raises

If you’re in the Reg A or CF space than understanding investment newsletters is critical to your success. Why? Because the financial newsletter publishing world is driving some of the biggest Reg A success stories happening today. Newsletters recommending private placements are growing. And the results from some of those recommendations have been staggering. We’ve […]

The marriage of financial services & media is transforming capital raise

The process of how companies raise capital is changing. Digital platforms are becoming a force in raising capital. This is a durable trend changing the face of financial services. For example, has raised $4.8 billion for a variety of companies. has generated $2.5 billion in commercial real estate transactions. returned $100 million […]